Thursday, 26 July 2012

So. This is how it is.

Publishers in SA go a little way towards helping their authors market their work, but mostly it is up to us and word of mouth. So please bear with me, I am going to mouth away for a while.

Eloquent Body is the result of over 5 years work. It felt like my life work; I felt propelled to garner everything that had helped me through crises in art, psychology and medicine, and to investigate these fields further. I wrote it to assist my workshop participants and my patients and myself. We all have areas where we do not act in our own best interests, and we need to get curious about that. Methinks.

The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive. This is hugely gratifying, as I did what I had to do, wrestled it down onto the page, and was frequently worried that I was not doing my subject matter justice. Eventually I just had to walk away, and hope that it was good enough.

It turns out that Eloquent Body is a word-of-mouth book; lucky thing, as it has only had two (good) reviews since the launch. I have had a number of people ordering several copies to send to their friends and relatives. One young man asked me to write an inscription to his family member: Dear X, Let go. Get a life. I declined politely.

The more books go out into the world, the more people are likely to talk about it, the more people will buy it. This is not (just) about my retirement plan (heh heh), this is about getting interesting, helpful and collated ideas out into the world.

So, if you liked the book, for the month of August 2012, I am offering copies at R140 each if you fetch them from Kalk Bay or Tokai. If you are wondering about what to give your mother / uncle / friend / lover as a present, please consider Eloquent Body at this much reduced price. You will be gifting me too. You can place orders at

Sjoe. Phew. How do I look with my marketing hat on?

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